UltraLinux is the name given to the port of Linux to the SPARCTM family of processors most commonly found in SunTM workstations and clones. The port has been developed over the past few years and is currently not operational. It used to support most workstations including the older 32bit SPARC processors and the newer 64bit UltraSPARC based workstations. These web pages provide information on getting and using UltraLinux. You can use the links at the bottom of this page to find more about Sparc. If you want more information about the project see the About and Linux pages. If you want to get UltraLinux, the best way is to get one of the Distributions that support the SPARC architecture.

For support information see the Frequently Asked Questions...


list and the Mailing Lists info and archives page. The Links page has a list of other web pages that might be of interest and finally the People page gives you a list of some of the people that are involved in the project. There is also a European and Australian Mirror of these pages.

Check out about more about Sparc here. Spark servers are currently supported by Fujitsu.