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If you are developer and want to your share your code snippets or If you are developer and have solved some interesting problem, You are welcome to post on You could choose to write your post in any programming langauge as long as the post is well written and supported through coding examples.

How to Post

1. Register on

2. If you have Python Jupyter notebook, you can directly submit using upload Notebook or if you want to write the post, You can submit using "new post" feature on

3. You can also directly email me your post at below email address.

Offer for Students

If you are a student. We compensate you for writing posts. For every post, we pay 20 USD per post as a thank you gesture. You will have to email the post from your school/university email address to prove you are currently a student.


If you are professional and want to publish your post. Please email me.


If you have any questions, Please send email at